Custom metal, handworked and original.

I create custom works for banjo pickers, sewers, and folks looking for a special gift of traditional handmade craft. Each piece represents an idea that was built slowly and with care. By sawing, hammering, filing, sanding, annealing and polishing the metal a one of a kind item is created with heirloom quality and unique character. I love designing, planning and using hand tools to transform rigid metal into something that looks fluid and feels natural on the body.
I am from Tennessee where we love to celebrate sounds, flavors and all kinds of things that are made by hand with individuality and skill. I learned by getting my BFA in metalsmithing at the Appalachian Center for Craft, because I love this process that builds on technique and experimentation. I make objects for everyday use as a way of celebrating our creative imagination’s ability to bring us joy in everything we do.
-Christina Hewgley Holland

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