Artisan metal, handworked and original.

Creating custom works for folks looking for a special gift of handmade craft is what I do because I value the unique details nurtured from time and handwork.

Being from Tennessee, where we love to celebrate sounds, flavors and all kinds of things that are made by hand, I became an artisan because I love working with my hands to produce an object that is one of a kind. I specialize in making custom jewelry, banjo picks, sewing thimbles and baby spoons. I use recycled, hypoallergenic metals and natural gemstones to make pieces that will wear well over the years

After studying traditional metalsmithing and blacksmithing techniques, I received my BFA in metals from the Appalachian Center for Craft in 2006. I have been selling my work in boutiques since 2003 and online since 2010. Making things out of metal is my creative outlet, my livelihood and my personal journey to learn and improve my skills with every piece that I create.

By making objects that become part of every day, I hope to bring you joy in everything you do!

-Christina Hewgley Holland